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Please send an email to TRUETRUE Customer Center. /

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These are the frequently asked questions on TRUETRUE.
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  • [Product • Usage] Where can I purchase TRUETRUE?
    Please send an email to TRUETRUE Customer Center. /
  • [Product • Usage] At what age can children start using TRUETRUE?
    TRUETRUE enables unplugged activities for coding activities without Internet or device connection as well as block coding, Truebot Scratch and Entry.
    So, it can be used progressively from the age of 6 onwards.
    For activity materials and activity details for activities with TRUETRUE, please visit TRUE World on this homepage.
  • [Product • Usage] How can I learn coding through TRUETRUE?
    TRUETRUE is a coding robot for education that helps users to understand and design algorithms through coding activities so that children can enhance the Computational Thinking (CT) skills, the core competence of future talents.

    Children would be able to utilize the color sensor, proximity sensor and 3-axis accelerometer in TRUETRUE to create algorithms in various methods. Children would be able to understand the result of learning intuitively by watching the algorithm that has been designed for TRUETRUE. Programming activities can be done not only through various robot activities but also through block coding programs such as SCRATCH and entry.
  • [HW • SW] What is the composition of 1 set of TRUETRUE?
    1 set of TRUETRUE consists of 5 items as below.

    ① TRUETRUE robot
    ② Charging cable
    ③ Bluetooth USB dongle
    ④ Color Card (38 cards in total)
    ⑤ Manual & Korean sticker
  • [HW • SW] How long is the TRUETRUE product guaranteed for?
    The warranty period of TRUETRUE is 1 year after purchase and in case there is a defect in normal use, it shall be repaired for free. However, confirmation of purchase of the product is required so please keep the receipt upon purchase.

    In case of malfunction in the product arising from customer’s negligence, natural disaster, misuse or abuse and others during the warranty period, please not that a cost will be incurred. The warranty period of consumables (motor, battery etc.) is 6 months after purchase.
  • [HW • SW] What do I do if TRUETRUE malfunctions?
    In case TRUETRUE malfunctions, please contact the Customer Center of the store where you’ve made the purchase or TRUETRUE Customer Center. (

    After an inquiry is received at each customer center and once the purchase is confirmed, users can receive AS for free or at a cost.
  • [HW • SW] On which devices can TRUETRUE be used?
    TRUETRUE can be used on mobile, tablet (Android, iOS) and PC.
    However, for Bluetooth chip, it supports BLE 4.0 and 4.2, and it can be used on devices that comply with the Bluetooth protocol.
  • [HW • SW] I’d like to know about the battery capacity of TRUETRUE. What is the charging time?
    TRUETRUE’s battery capacity is 250mAh and once fully charged, it can be used for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes continuously. It takes about 30 minutes to fully charge the battery.
  • [HW • SW] Does the TRUETRUE software (SW) require an upgrade? What should I do?
    Software updates can be carried out in order to enhance and calibrate the functions of various apps and programs connected to TRUETRUE.

    Update notices will be made on the homepage or through the TRUETRUE app and it can be done on the app easily through wireless communication.

    For more details, please visit the TRUE World on the homepage.
  • [HW • SW] I’d like to know more about the TRUETRUE app. Where and how can I download?
    TRUETRUE app can be downloaded from Android and iOS Market or TRUE World on the TRUETRUE homepage. Available apps are as below.
    ① Truebot Gate app (mobile/tablet)
    ② Truebot Color Card app (mobile/tablet)
    ③ Truebot Controller app (mobile/tablet)
    ④ Truebot Music Card app (mobile/tablet)
    ⑤ Truebot Step app (tablet/PC)
    ⑥ Truebot Scratch (PC)
  • [HW • SW] How do I connect TRUETRUE with smart devices or PC?
    When connecting TRUETRUE with a smart device or PC, Bluetooth is used. However, when connecting to PC, TRUETRUE USB dongle is required. Please download and install the driver from ‘TRUE World’ on the TRUETRUE homepage.

    When TRUETRUE is awaiting Bluetooth connection, the blue light will blink in the BT (Bluetooth) at the rear bottom of TRUETRUE and once connected, it will stop blinking and stay on.
  • [Others] Is TRUETRUE safe?
    TRUETRUE has been manufactured in compliance with the requirements of domestic and overseas safety certifications so it is a safe product that satisfies the electromagnetic wave and children’s product safety standards.
    (Certifications: KC, CE, FCC)
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