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Coding and AI, a new language of the 21st Century

TRUETRUE promises definite education effects with learning materials to children with their first step towards becoming a global future talent.

In advanced countries and IT superpowers such as the USA, Europe and others, SW education is being conducted in schools centered on elementary schools as well as in the private sector to prepare for the digital transformation.

  • Designated 2014 as the year of code
  • Introduce coding in the class, K-12
  • Promote Hour of Code campaign
  • Widen students’ choice for CS education in the class
  • Provide CS education in the elementary school max. 70 hours
  • Since 1994, Software education has been introduced in official curriculum
  • Start coding education from age 4

Coding is no longer a choice but a must.

[ Korea ]
  • Korea

    Software education has become a must in 2015

  • Korea

    It becomes an official class in K1 to K12 from 2018

  • Korea

    60,000 elementary school teachers will be trained


Comprehensive coding solution from basic principles to application & AI

The TRUETRUE program consists of 7 stages including text coding, AI & SDK activities.

  1. Stage 1Unplugged activity (without PC)

    Unplugged activity (without PC)
    Activity for learning the basic principle of algorithm by using the color cards
  2. Stage 2Color coding robot activity

    Color coding robot activity
    Various activities utilizing colors from the color cards to line tracing
  3. Stage 3Smart device programming

    Smart device programming
    Beginner’s programming activity to learn coding in various environments such as mobile and tablet before the EPL stage with PC
  4. Stage 4Block coding programming (EPL)

    Block coding programming (EPL)
    Intermediate coding activity for SCRATCH and entry through block coding program with PC
  5. Stage 5 Maker activity

    Maker activity
    Advanced creativity activity utilizing extension sensor and board based on coding knowledge and experience acquired from Stage 1~4
  6. Stage 6 Text coding/AI

    Text coding
    Text coding and AI Activities (Javascript)
  7. Stage 7 SDK Activities

    SDK Activities
    Expanded text coding activities with Software Development Kit (SDK)

Computational Thinking, the power to live the future

The coding educational robot, TRUETRUE helps children to develop their computational thinking to cope with the digital environment of the era of digital transformation. It strengthens ‘logical thinking’ in order to analyze the core of problems and ‘creative utilization’ that enhances problem solving skills.

  • MT MT
    Meta Thinking

    The thinking skill that enables children to design problem solving measures By analyzing the characteristics, essence and intention of a problem by themselves

  • CT CT
    Computational Thinking

    The skill for identifying the core principle of problem situation, re-constructing it and creating the correct order

  • ST ST
    Convergence Thinking

    The application skill integrating various knowledge of Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Arts (A) and Mathematics (M)

  • DT DT
    Design Thinking

    The thinking skill to take a more comprehensive approach towards problem solving Based on creative thinking by breaking away from stereotype

Be Creative!

Experience the astonishing world of coding together with TRUETRUE.