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Everything about coding education

Exploring all coding activities in TRUE World with the intelligent coding friend,
TRUETRUE can be enjoyed.

Activity material

Children can have fun learning to code
through learning activities and games by TRUETRUE.

  • User Calibration Sheet

    User Calibration Sheet

    Calibrate the TRUETRUE when the robot fails to accurately trace the line beneath it.
    The sheet and two calibration cards(black/white) are used in the calibration process.

  • Grid MAP

    Grid MAP

    This is a Grid Map required for the basic coding step with TRUETRUE. Various algorithms can be designed by interlinking with color card and app.

  • Line Tracing MAP

    Line Tracing MAP

    This is a Line Tracing Map which TRUETRUE can follow. Try making various movements by utilizing the Line Tracing Map. You can draw and create your own map too.

  • Color Card

    Color Card

    Did you lose your color card? Don’t worry!
    You can make your DIY color card by printing. Press the download button.
    Print (recommended A4 size) and cut them.


    Examples of ScratchㆍEntry

    Let's try having the TRUETRUE Robot execute simple movements.


Smart Device App

Introducing the application which can be utilized on mobile devices, tablets and PCs

  • Truebot Gate App


    Download and check all TRUETRUE apps through this app. Access various apps easily.

  • 뚜루봇 뮤직카드 앱

    Truebot Music Card App

    Children can improve creative and logical thinking by combining music cards
    and checking the music the robot creates.

    * Main Features- note • rest • speed control • repeat

  • Truebot Color Card App

    Truebot Color Card App

    Enabling the color card, TRUETRUE’s most representative unplugged activity to be utilized in smart devices.
    Design the algorithm of a color card simply by using Drag & Drop.

  • Truebot Controller App

    Truebot Controller App

    Enables children to freely control TRUETRUE.
    Simply connect to Bluetooth and handle the direction, speed and color of TRUETRUE.
    Enjoy TRUETRUE soccer and relay race with friends.

    * Movement speed – 3 stages (low/mid/high)
    * LED color- 6 colors
    * Control method- Joystick • Button • Gyro

  • Truebot Step App

    Truebot Step App

    Set the order of TRUETRUE movement.
    Teachers can design various questions through it and children would be able to learn ‘sequence’, one of the basic concepts of coding education.

    * Sequence- Method of executing the command inserted in order

    Mobile Tablet
  • Truebot SCRATCH

    TRUEBOT SCRATCH 3.0 & AI (Teachable machine)

    TRUETRUE meets SCRATCH, a block coding program used widely around the world.

    As a block coding stage where the coding education commences full-out, children who have understood the principle of algorithm and have designed the basics would be able to engage in the next step.

    * Scratch, a block coding program used widely around the world

    If you are a PC or Mac user, please use google chrome.

    If you use a desktop, you should have an ordinary USB dongle.


Meet the various methods of utilizing TRUETRUE in videos.
It contains TRUETRUE’s unique and original coding learning methods for anyone to follow after just watching it once.

  • videolist

    User Calibration (paperㆍscreen)

    Calibrate the TRUETRUE when the robot fails to accurately
    trace the line beneath it.

  • videolist

    Color Card

    This is a method of using color card, TRUETRUE’s representative unplugged activity.
    It covers the most basic explanation up to the application method.

  • videolist

    Truebot Color Card App

    Color Card, which is one of the unplugged activities, has been upgraded to an app.
    Master the app through the basic usage and application method of the color card.

  • videolist

    Truebot Music Card App

    Become a musician with TRUETRUE!
    Make your own special music by using 10 music scales.

  • videolist

    Truebot Controller App

    Control TRUETRUE as you wish. Shall we watch how to install the app and examples of its use?

  • videolist

    Truebot Step App

    Have fun learning ‘sequence’, the most basic concept of coding easily.

  • videolist

    Truebot SCRATCH

    Imagine TRUETRUE executing commands created in SCRATCH, a block coding program loved by everyone around the world. Let’s take the time to learn the program installation, connection to TRUETRUE and how to utilize it.

  • videolist

    Truebot Entry

    Let's put together a series of command blocks to move the
    TRUETRUE Robot.


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